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Version 2.5 of the MedEdQR Virtual Patient Platform has been released. Considerable effort has been made to make this a “best in class” virtual patient case delivery platform and, to that end, here are some of the improvements included in the current release:

• Significant user interface improvements across the entire platform to ensure consistency and usability,
• Implementation of Quizzing (question and quiz libraries),
• Implementation of a quiz and quiz question Tagging system,
• Improvements in Tracking and Progressive Disclosure (also called Progressive Release),
• Significant improvements in Case Notes (formerly “My Notes”) and Group Notes,
• Implementation of Page Branching through the ability to add “jump-to” Buttons on a page,
• Implementation of an End of Case certification process,
• Ability to Archive Users (without losing their information if by chance they might be reinstated),
• Pinning of the main horizontal menus to the top of the page and a reorganization of those menus,
• Improvements in contextual directions and labels, such as tooltips,
• Improvements in search functions and search filtering, as well as the ability to sort columns where applicable,
• Fixes and improvements in the smart device app,
Implementation of a voice/text alternative to QR-code scanning on the smart devices. Users will be able to “order” case content now with voice or text input as well as ordering content via the scanning of QR-codes. (see video for examples)
• Implementation of “Progress Meter” showing user progress through the case.

Examples of the new request content and expanded page content UI.

New mobile device requested page example UI


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