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Two types of subscriptions of subscriptions available:

  • INSTITUTIONAL: A subscription targeted to institutions with access to both the web-application to create, manage and deploy virtual patient cases and the mobile device application to access the cases, or
  • INDIVIDUAL: A subscription tailored to individual learners, who using the mobile device application, access a pre-defined packages of cases.

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutions subscribe to the MedEdQR Platform for a year at a time.  Subscription boundaries are by calendar year with the first year subscriptions prorated based on part year usage.  This type of subscription provides access to all the case building, management and deployment tools, including user, device and media management, that are part of the cloud based web application.  There is nothing to install (except by the mobile device users who must install the MedEdQR mobile application).  Thus, all bug fixes and feature updates are automatically received.  The subscription entitles the institution to add an unlimited number of learners (faculty, assistants and students) within each department.

Subscription pricing depends on how the institution configures their site. An institution can have:

  • One or more schools/colleges,
  • One or more departments under each school/college,
  • One or more programs under each department.

Within an institution, departments are independent of each other and do not share users, cases or any other data. We can help you determine the optimum set-up for your institution.  Contact us HERE to schedule a virtual meeting.

A pricing calculator is available HERE! (Note: you must have a password to access this page.  Please contact MedEdQR to request that password).

If you are interested in purchasing an institutional subscription, please contact MedEdQR for final pricing and licensing.

Individual or Personal Subscriptions

The “individual” is typically a medical industry learner (doctor, nursing, student or allied health professional) who wants to increase, through problem-based learning, their medical knowledge, clinical reasoning, diagnostic, treatment or professional skills by the use of Virtual Patient cases.  They may be looking for self study, remedial work, or supplementary interactive scenarios to work through anywhere and at anytime with the possibility to collaborate with other learners within the same case package cohort.

For these users, cases are organized into “packages”.  Each month, they will receive access to a new case package consisting of 4 cases and one assessment. For example, take a look at the graphic below.  Six students, all signing up at different times of the month and year.  Each month represents a cohort of users, all receiving the same package of cases.

Colors represent simultaneous cohorts.  Learners within a cohort see the same cases and can use Group Notes to communicate with each other if that option is selected.

As part of the subscription process, subscribers are required to select how they wanted to be treated when working through cases (as a group member or as an individual) and what level of difficulty they want their cases to be.

  • The Group or Individual option. Two options: Group or Individual. If Group is chosen then users have the ability to discuss cases with other users through a “Group Notes” mobile app feature.  If Individual is chosen, then the subscriber acts privately even though they are seeing the same cases.
  • Case Difficulty Level option.  Two options; Pre-clerkship or Clerkship Plus.  Pre-clerkship cases are targeted to those learners who are early in the medical program.  Clerkship Plus cases are targeted to those learners who are in the latter part of their medical training, in residency or even in practice.

To view the pricing and to sign up for a personal subscription, please visit MedEdQR’s eCommerce site HERE!

Support and help is provided to all users through this website.   You can also contact us with questions, request a demo or sign up for our monthly newsletter using the Contact Us support form.

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