We are glad you are interested in MedEdQR V2.5

Here are a few more good reasons to use MedEdQR!

  • If you educate or train either current or future medical practitioners, you need to add MedEdQR to your palette of educational tools.
  • If you teach using Case Based or Problem Based Learning you need, MedEdQR.
  • If you use paper based cases and are looking for a digital solution.
  • If your current digital solution is inflexible or lacks versatility.
  • If your practitioners are temporally or geographically dispersed, you need MedEdQR.
  • If you have a CME program, you need MedEdQR.
  • If you use virtual patient cases or conduct clinical skills engagements with standardized patients, you need MedEdQR.
  • If you are looking for a solution that has been designed to make the migration from paper cases to digital simple, you need MedEdQR.
  • If you are interested in improving learner medical knowledge and clinical skills acquisition and retention through active learning engagement utilizing virtual patients cases, you need MedEdQR.

Ready to move your medical education program to a new level? Give MedEdQR a try.

We have a couple of special OFFERS for you!

Offer 1

Subscribe to the MedEdQR platform on or before midnight (AZMT) October 31st, 2018 and get a 10% discount on your first year’s subscription.  Click the OFFER 1 button to enter your information.



Offer 2

Sign up for a 60-90 day evaluation of the MedEdQR platform on or before midnight (AZMT) October 31st, 2018, and if you decide to subscribe before the end of your evaluation, get a 5% discount on your first year’s subscription. There are two evaluation options; a mobile device only evaluation which provides feedback on what the volunteer students, assistants, and faculty think about viewing virtual patient cases on a mobile device, and the other, a full evaluation of both the web-based application where cases are created and managed plus the mobile device evaluation.  The advantage to the first option is that there is little work that departmental staff have to do to get this started – MedEdQR does it all!  We even supply the volunteer invitation and the test cases and manage all of the deployment.  Formative and summative surveys gather critical evaluation information and that information is shared with the institution at the end of the evaluation. Click the Offer 2 button to enter your information.


Completely new mobile apps

Example Scan Page

Scan Page

What I can ask for?

What I can ask for?

We believed that we were very innovative with our original mobile application in that by scanning a generic QR-code, a user could access case media, content and over 600 potential physical exams or lab test case based results. You said we needed to be more innovative. As a result we completely rebuilt the Apple and Android mobile apps with your feedback in mind. We reviewed the user experience and significantly improved it. We then expanded the mobile applications to accommodate new features such as “Quizzing”, case page “Branching,” and the “End of Case” certification. But the really big news is that the mobile apps now include the ability for users to request case information by VoiceText or QR-code Scan! To make the Voice/Text use even easier, the “?” next to the Speak and Text buttons will bring up a list of what can be requested and the items on the list are also selectable.


Expanded Case Building features

Example Case List

There is always room for product improvement and your feedback and our belief in continuous product improvement gave us impetus to take a hard look at the web application. Remembering that the Case Builder role continues to be responsible for management of users, devices, and the libraries, as well as case creation, assignment and deployment, we left no stone unturned in reviewing and improving the web application. We also needed to integrate a few new major features including Page-to-Page Branching (to empower clinical reasoning), a new Quiz/Question library (for assessment) and for those in the CME arena, the ability to require the user to “certify” that they have completed the case. We improved and simplified case assignment options such as user Tracking and Progressive Release, and provided new interface elements to control content visibility and case accessibility. While the web application will look familiar, there are functional and user experience improvements throughout.

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