CoVID-19 Offer

MedEdQR LLC is making their Virtual Patient Platform available to medical institutions for nearly zero dollars.

MedEdQR LLC is offering their Virtual Patient Platform (MedEdQR VPP) to medical* institutions for one year at nearly zero cost!** This offer is time dependent, only available until September 30th, 2020, and limited to the first 20 institutions subscribing.

It appears that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, which is causing considerable consternation in our schools and universities as to the ways and means to education our medical students.  MedEdQR LLC wants to do its part in helping medical schools carry on their educational initiatives by providing these schools with the MedEdQR VPP for a highly reduced first year cost – just the cost of setup and support.  Since it is believed that there will be long term effects of the virus, potentially lasting years, subscription renewals of the platform would be priced at significantly reduced rates to continue to support the medical education enterprise around the country and the world.

MedEdQR VPP can provide significant value to medical curriculums through its ability to be used collaboratively, both synchronously and asynchronously. Additionally, because it is internet based, it is not limited geographically. It is quite easy to integrate this platform with other digital technologies, such as video conferencing.

The platform is comprised of two parts:

  • The Case Builder site – the internet, web-based case development, management, deployment and reporting site, and
  • The Case Access mobile application – a mobile application available on any Apple or Android mobile device which provides student and faculty case access, collaboration, testing and reporting.

The MedEdQR VPP is ideal for supporting both in class activities and online instruction. Institutions can create and deploy their own cases and/or use any of the more than 100 cases on the Case Builder site.  

If you are interested in learning more about this offer and the MedEdQR VPP, please email or call us, the contact information is listed below.***

Looking forward to hearing from you.

John Morris


11 W 2nd St ~ Suite 128 ~ Bethlehem, PA 18015

email: ~ phone: (928) 460-4600

*Any medical education institution including (but not limited to) MD, DO, nursing, chiropractic, dental, pharmacological, hospitals (for use with residents and staff), and health care systems. 

** If the subscriber wishes to continue their subscription past the first year, then those subsequent years will be discounted also. This offer includes a basic Case Builder site setup consisting of one institution, one school/college, one department, one program and two case builders. Additional fees will be required if the number of institutions, schools/colleges, departments, programs and/or case builders increases. In all cases, the number of students allowed to access cases using the MedEdQR mobile application is unlimited.

***For those of you in the EU, MedEdQR VPP supports the GDPR restrictions.

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