What features can we expect to see in the MedEdQR application in the future? URL Media Type.

We are now on the third item in the list of the potential feature updates that may find their way onto the MedEdQR platform development timeline. We covered Gamification and Case Metadata so far and now I will introduce you to the feature I call “template media type”.

  • Gamification / Goal setting
  • Case metadata
  • Template media type
  • URL media type
  • User metadata
  • Competency / Entrustable Professional Activities
  • Case Preview in Web-app
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Learner portal

Last month I did a quick review of “media” in the MedEdQR platform; media refers to graphics, audio, video and document files uploaded and stored in the MedEdQR cloud. The fact that rich media is uploaded and stored in the MedEdQR cloud is an important aspect of providing departments the ability to fully manage their own content and to not worry about whether internet content will be there the next time it’s accessed. Yet there are a couple of scenarios where the case builder might not want to store media within the departmental MedEdQR cloud.

The first scenario involves other web sites containing useful information that might align well with the case. For example, if a case is based on recognizing and diagnosing mental illness, it might be appropriate to include resource links to websites specializing in the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Maybe those sites contain testing information, online assessments, treatment options as well as other diagnostic information. Thus rather than having apropos information as an appendix to a case, such information could be embedded (re: attached) to the specific page, exam or test where it is most needed. Having timely information in the hands of the learner enhances engagement and improves learning.

The other scenario is a result of the fact that not all rich media (e.g. graphics, video, audio, …) can be downloaded from its host site but must be referenced at its host site. This is true regarding some YouTube videos, and many medical sites that provide graphics, video and audio examples.


If you’d like to give feedback on this or any other existing or proposed MedEdQR feature, click here.

So give the MedEdQR platform a try. If it has been a while since you saw a demonstration of the MedEdQR platform, or if you have not experienced a demonstration yet, we would be happy to show you how this platform can enhance your educational program. Click here to request a demonstration.

John Morris, CEO

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