Question of the month. What about subscriptions to MedEdQR?

A message from the CEO

The question of the month: “Have you ever considered making MedEdQR available directly to healthcare and medical school students, faculty, staff, residents and practitioners without requiring an institution connection?

  • Gamification / Goal setting
  • Case metadata
  • Template media type
  • URL media type
  • User metadata
  • Improving Case Fidelity
  • Competency / Entrustable Professional Activities
  • Case Preview in Web-app
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Learner portal

I know that this month’s discussion isn’t the next “What about feature …” but I thought it was important to introduce you to a new major feature that has been in the planning for a long time. It’s called Subscriptions! You might say that this is nothing new, since institutions already subscribe to the MedEdQR Virtual Patient Platform. True, but what is new is the ability of individual students, assistants, faculty, staff, residents and practitioners to subscribe to packages of cases for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months without any connection to a home institution. I will call this a “Personal” or “Individual” subscription, as compared to an “Institutional” subscription.

Personal Subscriptions

There is now a “Subscriptions” link under the “Free Demo” main menu on the website that will take you to a page describing the benefits of subscribing as either an institution or as an individual, as well as the particulars about each subscription type. A link is provided on this page to the new eCommerce site that has been implemented to manage personal subscriptions. Eventually, institutional subscriptions will also be added to this site.

Figure 1: The location of the “Subscription” link in the main menus.

What are the features of a personal subscription?

The “individual” is typically a medical industry learner or practitioner (doctor, nursing, or allied health professional) who, through problem-based learning, wants to increase their medical knowledge, clinical reasoning, diagnostic, treatment or professional skills by the use of Virtual Patient cases. They may be looking for self-study, remedial work, or supplementary interactive scenarios that they can work through anywhere and at anytime and yet have the possibility of collaborating with other learners within the same case package cohort.

For these users, cases are organized into “packages”. Each month of their subscription, they will receive access to a new case package consisting of 4 cases and one assessment. All users signing up in a particular month will access the same cases, thus allowing them to join the group option and collaborate with other learners around the world.

The graphic below shows how different learners, subscribing on different dates, are assigned to month bounded cohorts for the duration of their subscription. If there are multiple subscribers in the same month (cohort), they potentially can engage in discussions with others learners and mentors. Alternately, they can choose to operate privately, eliminating the group collaboration option. Whether they want to act as part of a cohort or as an individual is selected during the subscription checkout process. They also have to select between two levels of difficulty, depending on their level of experience and education.

Figure 2: An example of the effect of subscription length and signup date on cohort creation. Cells with the same color indicate that multiple users have subscribed and are active within that month boundary – thus providing the potential for collaboration.

If you would like more information on Subscriptions, you can access the Subscriptions page on the MedEdQR website HERE or the on the MedEdQR eCommerce website HERE.

A Surprise!

I just returned from a marketing trip to Europe and spoke with a number of medical schools there to discuss how they use Virtual Patient cases in their curriculum. As a result, we have made all of our policies (Privacy, Terms and Conditions, Cookie, etc.) GDPR (General Data Privacy Requirements) compliant! This opens the door to our expansion to Europe. See the new “Policy Center” link under “About Us” in the main menus or the “Policy Center” link in all the page footers.

A Privacy Center has been added to both MedEdQR public facing sites (.com and .biz). This center provides access to information such as our Cookie and Privacy Policies, our Terms and Conditions, as well as the ability for site users to request their stored data and to be “Forgotten,” among other options.


John Morris, CEO

If you’d like to give feedback on this topic or any other existing or proposed MedEdQR feature, click here.

Isn’t it time to give the MedEdQR platform a try? If it has been a while since you saw a demonstration, or if you have not experienced a demonstration yet, we would be happy to show you how this platform can enhance your educational program. Click here to request a demonstration.

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